Australia’s Outback Queensland played host to the iconic Boulia Camel Races last month in the desert and the unique races did not disappoint.

According to The North West Star newspaper, organizers were delighted with the success of the weekend-long event which attracted a huge crowd.

Boulia may be just a tiny Outback Queensland town of 300 residents but thousands swarmed the town for an event capped by the longest camel race in Australia known as the Melbourne Cup of camel racing.

The 1,500 meter event was won by Uncle Bob and jockey Chontelle Jannese. Check out the video recap below.

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While horse racing may be more popular in Australia, camel racing is king in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai recently invested in a new a new $10.9 million luxury camel hospital designed specifically for racing camels.

Located near the Dubai Camel Racing Club in Al Marmoum, the Dubai camel hospital is believed to be the only high-tech camel hospital in the world. The hospital says it has been difficult to find equipment specific to the animal.

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