covfefe-horseFans at this Saturday’s Breeders’ Cup will get to see a competitor bearing one of President Trump’s signature lines from Twitter.

Jamie Roth, who runs an LNJ Foxwoods stable, thought Trump’s supposed typo — “covfefe” — would be a good name for one of her horses.

“We gave the name to her because we thought she was special and we thought the name was kind of funny,” she told USA Today.

So What is ‘Covfefe’

Covfefe was a viral tweet of President Donald Trump that resulted in an internet meme. Shortly after midnight on May 31, 2017 Trump tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, and then the tweet ended.

The tweet, containing an apparent mistyping of the word “coverage”, was deleted several hours later. However, the White House press secretary at the time, Sean Spicer and President Trump himself implied later that day that the tweet’s wording was intentional.

The tweet garnered huge attention in news and social media, quickly becoming a viral phenomenon. As a result, the word “covfefe” came to be associated with gaffes and social media mistakes by Donald Trump and other public figures. The tweet and the word “covfefe” produced a variety of other cultural, economic and societal influences.

One, in particular, was the Volfefe index (for “volatility” and “covfefe”), created by JPMorgan Chase in 2019. It measures the impact of President Trump’s tweets on the U.S. bond yields.

Covfefe is one of Donald Trump’s “most famous” tweets.

‘Covfefe’ the Horse

“Covfefe” the horse, is currently the morning line favorite for the Breeders’ Cup and even has her own Twitter account that pokes fun at the president. The Twitter handle titled “RealCovfefeRacehorse,” the account often plays off of Trump’s statements online.

“The Greatest #CovfefeHunt In American History!” the account tweeted on Thursday, clearly playing off of Trump’s “witch hunt” label for the impeachment inquiry.

Roth has never heard from the White House and generally tries not to get political.

“I don’t try to get too political,’’ she said. “He’s not for me, but obviously he is for some other people. He just doesn’t stand for the things that I believe it. But I believe in Covfefe.’’

The President has since poked fun at himself, appearing in a White House video in which he jokes about the word.

Roth reportedly said that she was considering naming another horse “Trump Tweets” and reserved it through a breed registry for thoroughbreds.

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