henlow-racingGreyhound news out of the UK as new owners Henlow Racing took control of the Towcester Racecourse last October. They have confirmed that they will be opening for greyhound racing this spring, with the first meet scheduled for Friday, April 18, 2020.

They will then be having meetings every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year. But the days of free admission at Towcester are over, with Henlow intending to charge admissions.

The dog track and racecourse have been closed since August 2018. But now Henlow Racing managing director Kevin Boothby has taken over, and he is keen to return the Easton Neston venue to former glories as quickly as possible.


“We are going to start racing on Saturday, April 18,” confirmed Boothby. “That is a big, big night in racing, with regards to the quality of racing, but we are also going to provide live entertainment afterward.

“We just want to make Towcester a big community thing, so we are going to do various things there, but the greyhound racing will start on April 18, and then the following week we will go Friday and Saturday, and that will carry on throughout the year.”


So Why April 18th

Boothby wanted a date where everybody in the greyhound world could attend. Three months were needed to plan things and get a lot of the public there because we want to make it a special night.

Boothby’s Henlow Racing track is there mainly for the television market and is ‘a racing machine’, with seven meetings being staged a week, and many of those played out to an empty stadium on midweek mornings.

“Towcester is a different ball game,” said Boothby, “A lot of times when we race at Henlow, there is nobody there because we race for the Australian market, the overseas market, and we can race with just 30 or 40 people there at 8 am. The thought of running Towcester, and getting three, four, five or six thousand people there for greyhound racing is a staggering thing for me to want to do, and to achieve.”


Big Plans Ahead

As well as bringing greyhound racing back to south Northants, Henlow Racing is looking to turn Towcester into a total ‘entertainment hub’,  including an outdoor theater, concerts, festivals and also the utilization of the lakes on-site, which will include kayaking, canoeing, and inflatable obstacle courses.

But what is likely to please the horse racing lovers in the surrounding area and county more than anything else, is that Henlow are planning to bring horse racing back to Easton Neston, in the form of point-to-point meetings