Photo Courtesy Central Western Daily

As you know, camel racing is very popular in parts of the world. While it is not at the level of horse racing, it does get plenty of attention. So it should be newsworthy in the racing community that racing camel Hookemup won its fifth Camel Cup at the 2019 Camel Races in Forbes, New South Wales, Australia.

The Forbes race course was packed out with near 6,000 fans cheering on their favorite camels at Good Friday’s Camel Races. The annual event, now in its eighteenth year attracts visitors from around New South Wales and as far as Switzerland. It truly goes to show the levels of popularity in the region for camel racing. Good thing for those fans that attended. They got to see history occur.


Anesbury Racing’s Hookemup claimed his fifth Camel Cup when he outran the other camels in the day’s feature race. Hookemup was ridden to victory by jockey Aaron Sweeney, and 2019 makes the fifth win for the veteran camel in the last six years. Sweeney said Hookemup is a competitive camel who doesn’t like being behind other camels when racing.


Rod Sansom’s camel Spice was ridden to victory in the Stuart Brown Memorial Camel Plate by Chontelle Jannese.


Anesbury Racing secured another win in the Consolation race with Barracudda, ridden by Sky Drummond.


The competitive Cup also saw an unprecedented dead heat for third place. Chontelle Jannese’s camel Live Action and Anesbury Racing’s My Mate McArdle could not be separated at the finish line. It was an epic battle that was to tight to see with the naked eye.


Second place was taken out by Johnny and Benny Richardson’s BlinX. It was a valiant performance by all of the camels that raced.


The camel races organizer Lee Marsh said it was an awesome day and that visitor numbers were up from last year, with an estimated 6,000 people through the gate. That is quite a turnout.


Mrs. Marsh Thanks All

Mrs. Marsh thanked all the cameleers, jockeys and sponsors for their efforts and continued support to make the Camel Races happen. It was a rousing success and everybody that attended had a wonderful time.


The Camel Races helped raise funds for various local organizations which includes CanAssist and Red Bend Junior Rugby League. Mrs. Marsh said they are still counting how much in proceeds that the event has raised. Being able to give to charity makes these races all the more worthwhile. These organizations can use all the help they can get. It is really great that this can be of such a benefit.


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