Gambling on horse racing is one of the main attractions to coming to the track, much like roulette is one of the main table games in a casino.

What if we told you that bettors can do both at Santa Anita Park later this month?

Horse Racing Roulette will debut at Santa Anita Park as a win-only wager available in all 10 opening-day races on Wednesday, Dec. 26 for races that have fields of six or more horses.

According to the track, Horse Racing Roulette will include horses marked in the track’s racing program as red, black or green and will consist of a stand-alone win pool and payoffs that will be made according to the “color” of the winner and standard pari-mutuel calculations.

Here is an example of Horse Racing Roulette using a virtual video as an example.

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Horse Racing Roulette Rules

–Two dollar minimum win wager with customary industry-low 15.43 percent takeout

–Horses (minimum six-horse field) will be placed into one of three groups, Red, Black or Green.

–In most cases, the morning line favorite will be part of the Red Group.

–The Green Group will be comprised mainly of longshots.


–The three Groups, in most cases, will not have an equal number of horses.

–Whichever Group contains the race winner, wins that “game” of Horse Racing Roulette.

–In the event that ALL betting interest members of any group are scratched or declared non-starters, betting on the Group Bet pool will be stopped immediately and all Roulette wagers made on this particular race will be refunded.

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–In the event of a dead heat for first between two or more divergent Group members, the Group Bet pool will be distributed as a profit split (place pool) or, if there is a triple dead heat with as many Group interests, the pool will also be distributed as a profit split (show pool).

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