Horses are always working hard with high-performance expectations. The performance of horses results in a great deal of strain on their legs, and thus their joints, as they spend time running, jumping and pulling heavy loads.

Regardless of the type of work or activity horses do, their joints play an important role. Further, for horses that carry riders such as jockeys, the extra weight results in a huge amount of wear and tear on the joint structures of horses throughout the horses lives.

There are a few key ways to promote good joint health among horses, to preserve health and prevent issues, and allow for long and healthy lives and careers.

  • Good nutrition
  • Appropriate training
    • Appropriate conditioning is necessary for the development of horse’s muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. Fitness is important to joint health because good fitness is key to prevent joint injury that is more likely to occur when horses experience undue fatigue.
    • Related to appropriate training, is consideration of reconditioning. After any sort of break or time off of a few weeks or more, it is important that exercise levels increase gradually when riding does resume.
  • Healthy weight is another really important aspect of joint health and injury prevention. Obesity in horses has been associated with greater stress on joints and in some cases can result in unsoundness.
  • Regular schedule of hoof care. Key steps of trimming and resetting shoes help keep the horses balanced to reduce unnecessary strain.
    • Hard surfaces often cause issues when horses work on them for long periods of time. Hard surfaces can cause damage on joint cartilage. It’s best for limited time galloping or jumping on hard, dry ground for long periods of time.

Joint Health

According to the Kentucky Equine Research there are several good supplements to support joint health. Synovate HA and KER-Flex (also known as Glucos-A-Flex) are excellent supplements to support joint health and increase the most active years for many race horses.

Synovate HA is made up of sodium hyaluronate, an important structural component of joint cartilage, as well as synovial fluid. KER-Flex on the other hand is made up of glucosamine HCl and chondroitin sulfate which assists in the maintenance of joint integrity. KER-Flex has also been useful in delaying the progression of arthritic changes among older horses.

Where can I buy horse racing supplements?

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