horse-racing-churchillThe nation’s leading thoroughbred racing organizations have launched the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition. It will be an industry-led effort to unify and enhance existing horse protections and to be able to work together to develop new reforms to ensure the safety of the sport’s equine and human athletes.

The coalition seeks to create and implement a series of significant safety, medical, operational and integrity guidelines across the thoroughbred racing landscape to ensure the well-being of horses and jockeys and increase transparency and accountability.


Who is Included in the Coalition

Coalition founding members include Breeders’ Cup Limited, Churchill Downs Inc., Keeneland Association Inc., the New York Racing Association Inc. (NYRA), Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and The Stronach Group.


“Thoroughbred racing is steeped in tradition and we want the sport to live on for generations to come, and that is only possible with all of us working together to ensure that the safety and well-being of our athletes is our top priority,” said Drew Fleming,President and CEO of Breeders’ Cup Limited.

“We are passionate about these animals and this sport, and we are committed to working with our partners to ensure that together we are making sound and responsible decisions on behalf of our athletes, our fans and the racing community,” said Kevin Flanery, President of Churchill Downs Racetrack.

The coalition will adopt best practices and set stricter guidelines for allowable medications, such as increasing the withdrawal time for NSAIDs and corticosteroids; enact standards for crop use; mandate necropsy for all fatally injured horses; perform random out-of-competition testing; encourage greater transparency and tracking of veterinarian exam records; create racing surface database; and more.

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