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Vitamin C is a supplement of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) for horses, dogs, camels, & alpacas suffering from a deficiency of the vitamin.

COMPOSITION: Contains: Ascorbic acid 250 mg/ml

VITAMIN C  (Ascorbic acid) provides Vitamin C supplementation.
VITAMIN C  is essential to normal joint cartilage maintenance and repair.
VITAMIN C  reduces stress and improves cardiovascular function.

Vitamin C is an essential coenzyme in certain metabolic processe particularly in the metabolism of amino acids Tyrosine and Phenylalanine, tendons and joint cartilage, collagen synthesis in ligaments, synthesis of L-Carnitine, red blood cell formation, modulating immune responses, as well as in the maintenance of healthy skin. Vitamin C  is also essential in the conversion of folic acid and also in promoting the absorption of Iron from the gut.  Vitamin C has a role in the metabolism of certain steroid hormones plus high levels of Vitamin C are found in the Adrenal gland in times of stress.

VITAMIN C has a large role as a potent antioxidant to remove toxic free radicals produced during hard physical exercise.  VITAMIN C is critical and essential in the maintenance and repair of joints and joint cartilage, proteoglycans and other joint components, synthesis of collagen, tooth, bone, skin and blood vessel maintenance and also in the healing and repair of burns, wounds and fractures.

Vitamin C is essential in the synthesis of L-Carnitine.  Like the B Complex vitamins, Vitamin C is water soluble and is not well stored in the body.  It is rapidly absorbed and equally as rapidly excreted, so it must be supplemented on a regular basis.
Horses are able to synthesise Vitamin C in normal circumstances, but failure of liver enzyme systems can initiate a deficiency.

VITAMIN C is a major antioxidant to neutralize free radicals.
VITAMIN C enhances tissue healing and growth.
VITAMIN C improves immune function and also acts as an anti inflammatory agent.

For: Horses, Dogs, Camels, Alpacas

Dosage:  Horses:  5 – 10 ml by intramuscular regularly twice weekly or as advised by a veterinary surgeon.

VITAMIN C can be safely used with Racehorse Meds products.

Storage – Store below 25 C (Air Conditioning)

For use as a supplemental source of Vitamins & Amino Acids in horses, cattle, sheep, swine, camels, alpacas and pigeons.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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