The future of racing camels is here: Bint Shaheen, a female camel calf bred from a champion racer was born at the Dubai Camel Breeding Center on January 12. She is believed to be the world’s first racing camel conceived using frozen sperm.

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, one of the attending veterinarians on the artificial insemination project, told that the semen was drawn from a now-retired champion racing stallion named Shaheen.

Racing Camel

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Dr. Akbar said Bint Shaheen will start her training to become a camel racer once she reaches the right age.

“It was a normal delivery. She weighed around 30kg (66 pounds), which is good. She has a good body structure, and was a little over three feet [when upright]. She was strong and was already nibbling and trying to nurse within hours of being born,” Veterinarian Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad told the Gulf News.

Bint Shaheen will be in great hands in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates, a country committed to its roots in the ancient sport of camel racing, which is becoming more and more popular across the Middle East.

Dubai recently invested in a new a new $10.9 million luxury camel hospital designed specifically for racing camels.

Located near the Dubai Camel Racing Club in Al Marmoum, the Dubai camel hospital is believed to be the only high-tech camel hospital in the world. The hospital says it has been difficult to find equipment specific to the animal.

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