million_dollar_chaseFor some areas of the world, greyhound racing is doing just fine. In Australia, the greyhound industry is well and back on track with the second year of the world’s richest greyhound race, the Million Dollar Chase, officially launching in Sydney and getting full New South Wales backing.

Despite trying to stamp out the greyhound industry just three short years ago, the New South Wales government is now promoting it. They are hoping a series of rich races will help regional towns struggling with a south


How Do The People Feel

However, not everyone is happy. The very same government that shut down the industry in 2016 over animal welfare concerns has thrown its full support behind the greyhound race, to be staged in Sydney. This seems to be confusing and upsetting people.

The Greens say the Berejiklian government should be supporting greyhound rescue shelters as well as assisting workers to transition out of the industry “instead of subsidizing gambling profits”.

In 2016, then Premier Mike Baird announced the sport of greyhound would be banned from July 2017. Clearly, this is a turn of events.

His decision was made in response to a damning inquiry which found evidence of systemic animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting.

But that ban cost the Coalition votes, and now the government is actively promoting the second year of the Million Dollar Chase, to be held on the same weekend as the Everest – the richest turf race in the world.


Why Did Minds Change

Heats of the race will be held in eleven regional centers with the final to be held in October.

Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, says staging a series of rich races will help regional towns struggling with the drought.

“We hope that people will travel to regional NSW and stay an extra night and drop some coins in the tin,” Anderson said.

Greens NSW spokesperson for Animals Welfare, Abigail Boyd, has slammed the government’s very public support for the race and the “toxic” greyhound gambling industry.

“You might be forgiven for thinking that the $10.4m given to Greyhound Racing NSW in the 2019 Budget had nothing to do with improving animal welfare,” Boyd told the press.

“Taking care of their animals should be something the industry itself is required to do without any government handouts. “It seems that this money is more about injecting public funds into the toxic greyhound gambling industry,” said Boyd.

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